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Commissions (CLOSED)

CatTinyPaws does art!

CatTinyPaws does art!

CatTinyPaws does art!



You can only commission me after reading and accepting my terms and conditions


★ You must be 18+ to be able to commission me.★Commissions can be First Come First Served or Artist choice through google forms, I will specify which fashion I will work with before opening. On occasions, I might also open full body commissions for the members of my Discord Server or for my patreons. I will always announce on twitter the date and time I will open commissions before doing so.

  • In the case of First Come First Served, its pretty self explanatory, Slots are claimed in order in which people message me, usually these are claimed really fast.

  • In the case of Artist choice, Slots are open and a form is made available for 24 hours, after those 24 hours I choose who I will be working with, not everyone who fills out the form will be accepted, if you weren't chosen, you can ask me to keep the Form Response for a future opening.

Reference of the characters need to be very clear, not shaded and digital, photo references or written descriptions will not be accepted. Also please have a SFW version of your character's reference, if you send a NSFW reference there's a big chance I don't choose to work with you.★You can ask to include one of my characters or sona in your piece, depending on the idea or commission type, you might even get it for a reduced price if you do include either.★I keep the right to decline a commission without giving a reason.★If you want an specific concept or idea for your commission tell me, if not, im allowed to use Artistic freedom.★In the case of custom designs, if at the idea requires me to design an alternate form for a pre-existing character, that will count as a custom design, additional charge may be required.★I normally work on week days, but I take the weekend off, which may make the progress of the commission a little bit slow, Please don't rush me.


Will draw:
》Anthro or feral Canines, felines, dragons, birds or pokemon. (Ask about other species)
》Characters of shows, anime, comics, etc
》MLP or Sonic universe characters (Stylized on my own style)

Will NOT draw:
NSFW, sexual themes《
Vore (Ask if close friend)《
Macro destruction or cruelty《
Hate art《
Overly complicated characters**《
Underage characters in fetish《

(* If you are unsure if I draw something not on this list or not, feel free to ask me through DM's)
(** I rarely reject character for complexity, but I will let you know if its too complex for me)



★Payment goes first, and is done through PayPal. I will ask for your paypal email and send you a invoice. This invoice needs to be paid within the next 48 hours after sending.★Finishing the payment process locks your place on the queue, paying late might result on being later down the queue.★The price may vary based on the complexity of the idea, the designs of the characters and the number of characters involved.【PATREON】 Discount offered by the 'Pawsome patron' tier is not applicable if you have not yet been charged by patreon for the tier.★Tips are optional but greatly appreciated!


★No refunds if the commission is more of halfway done. Meaning any point after the lineart is done.★In the case that I consider that can't finish a commission for any reason, a refund will be offered to the client.★I make questions about the piece before the payment goes through, but the client has to answer and communicate when needed. If at some point I need the client's input and they don't provide it after sometime has passed or communication is completely lost between us, here's what's gonna happen:

  • In the case that the drawing was anywhere between the start or the sketch done, I will refund to the paypal account that made the payment.

  • In the case that the drawing is anywhere past the point of sketch, yet input was needed but not provided or communication was lost between me and the client, a refund will not be provided.


★I'm slow working, the turnaround time varies between your spot in the queue and my workflow. Sometimes I'm unable to draw due to multiple reasons or circumstances, please be patient.★I keep the right to work on other projects before or during the time your commission is being worked on.★A sketched wip (work in progress) will be sent as soon as I have one available. Any major changes (characters, concept, scenario) may be asked at this point.
Once approved I will keep working on the commission, after this point you are not allowed to ask for any major changes.
★You can ask how its the commission going, even ask for a preview if I have one available for you.【PATREON】I keep the right to post on patreon approved WIPs of your commission for my patrons to see.


★ When the commission is done, I will first send a screenshot of the finished piece.
If no minor changes are needed (Such as color corrections or text corrections if theres dialogue, etc) I will provide a link from where you can download the image, or if the client prefers, I can have the finished product emailed to them.
★I keep the right to post the piece if I so desire unless the client tells me before hand that it is a private piece.★If the commission is posted, but there is a minor mistake, it will be fixed for the client, but the post will not be remade.If you want to post the commission anywhere ask for my permission first.You cannot edit the final product without my permission.You cannot print, sell of distribute my art in any way without my explicit permission.Characters depicted in the art remain under full ownership of their respective owners, however, the copyright of the image belongs to the artist.【PATREON】I keep the right to post the finished piece on patreon and then post it publically on twitter a week after. Please refrain from posting the commission publically until I give you the green light to do so.

Disrespecting the TOS once will result in a warning, after that, if disrespected again, will result in a permanent blacklist and I will not be working with you again in the future.

My art cannot be bought or sold for cryptocurrency, bitcoin or non-fungible token (NFT). As an artist I do not support NFT and my art cannot be used for NFT.

Commissions are currently:


Click the images of each commission type to see examples, remember to read my T.O.S before commissioning


Type A Illustration!

Starting at


This format works well for simeple full body pictures, sequences and/or comics. The price might increase depending on the complexity of the piece and characters.★Full body, simple scenario, simple/flat shading, minimal to no background.
★+50% of the commission price per additional characters.
★Can be done in a comic style. Consisting of a main image and extra panels of any configuration. Each panel is +$25

Full coms

Type B Illustration!

Starting at


This format works for more complicated pieces featuring complicated angles, poses or scenarios. It comes with full shading and rendering.★Background included. Complex background may cost an additional $50
★Extra characters are +100% of the commission starting price. If the extra character is one of my sonas or characters, this extra price is only +%75 of the commission starting price.
★Can be done in a comic style. Consisting of a main image and extra panels of any configuration. Each panel starts +$50 (May change due to complexity).


Reference sheets!

Starting at


For custom designs:


Includes frontal view of character and custom view (Alternate form, back view, outfit, your choice)★3rd view +$15
★Price is $100 if the character has already been designed, goes up to $150 if the commissioner wants the character to be designed by me (this includes if I'm designing an alternate form for a pre existing character).

Ready to commission?

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